Name Dr Osman Ebrahim​
Position AVCS Board Member

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Dr Osman Ebrahim, an HIV medicine/infectious disease specialist, is such a trailblazer. Dr Ebrahim was one of the few clinicians who made his practice available to HIV/AIDS patients when the medical fraternity was still in fear and awe of this ‘new’ syndrome. He completed medical information practically available to his patients and provided holistic HIV/AIDS care. In addition to treatment and careful monitoring, patients were given dietary information to support the immune system. He also assisted patients with ‘Aid for AIDS’, a programme for negotiating cheaper ARV rates with medical aid companies. He and his colleagues learned about HIV/AIDS and the associated opportunistic infections he made available to the broader medical community through research publications and conference discussions. He acted as lead author on many publications that addressed practical matters for HIV/AIDS treatment improvement. Dr Ebrahim’s research contribution to HIV medicine includes Medical Research Council-supported clinical trials for natural product immune boosters. He teaches continuing medical education to other clinicians and registrars on HIV medicine and ARVs. He assists many corporate companies with their employee management programmes on HIV/AIDS. Dr Ebrahim makes himself available after hours to help and advise patients. People from all over Africa flock to his rooms in Parktown because of word-of-mouth testimonies from those who knew his advice made a tangible difference in their lives. Dr Ebrahim has received local and global recognition. He was awarded for being a national leader in clinical pharmacology; held honorary lectureships at the University of Pretoria and the University of the Witwatersrand; and was deployed as a consultant for UNAIDS. He is a worthy contributor to society, constantly adding to his knowledge for the continued benefit of society. He has changed thousands of lives affected by HIV/AIDS through compassionate care and medicine, serving society at large.


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