Name Dr Eric Hefer
Position AVCS Board Member

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Dr Eric Hefer is a General Practitioner in private practice with a special interest in treatment experienced HIV patients. His expertise has expanded to include Co-Morbidities, Fertility, Diabetes, Oncology and more recently COVID. He was a Founder Member of Junior Doctors Association of South Africa (JUDASA) in 1988, is a past Director of the South African HIV Clinician Society and SABCOHA and now the CEO of the African Viral Care Society. Dr Hefer has participated in the development and review of numerous guidelines.
Dr Hefer has worked in the various sectors of private health care after being headhunted from the goldmines, after his completion of MAP25 at Wits Business School, and appointed as the youngest General Manager of Garden City Clinic in 1995. He has worked in the pharmaceutical companies GAREC and SAD as Director Health Informatics developing formularies and analysing prescription data for GpNet and Medicross network GP’s. For International SOS he was Business Development Manager for Africa to service and grow healthcare solutions at remote sites in multiple African countries to multinational companies in many industries. He has developed a career in the provision of HIV disease management services to medical schemes and employers.
He allocates his time between consulting and the responsibilities of a medical advisor to medical schemes and managed care companies. He also advises to several pharmaceutical companies. He is passionate about making HIV and Viral care accessible to all.

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