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Dr Chris Jack is currently working as a Specialist Physician in private practice in the inner city of Durban, with an interest in HIV and TB, for over 15 years. He currently manages both in- and out-patients at Durdoc and St Augustine’s Hospitals as well as providing support to colleagues assisting with patient care at NGO’s and other private and public healthcare facilities.
There are over 30000 patients registered at his practice from all 9 provinces in South Africa as well as SADAC countries. It is believed that this is one of the largest HIV-based specialist physician solo practice in South Africa. Dr Jack graduated with his MBChB (Natal) degree in 1992. He then went on to the Department of Medicine at UKZN in 1997 and qualified as a Physician in 2001. He worked as a Physician / Lecturer at the Medical School, King Edward VIII and Prince Mshiyeni Hospitals until 2004. His main responsibilities: being teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students, the supervision of registrars, interns, and students in the management of in- and out-patients as well as looking after patients in his own HIV clinic.

Dr Jack also undertook research with Professor Friedland (Head – Infectious Diseases, Yale University, USA) – publishing the first clinical / operational research of incorporating ARVs into an existing TB clinic. This together with other studies were subsequently published in international peer-reviewed journals and contributed to the establishment of the current HAST (HIV, TB, STI) units that are now an integral part of the National Health Structure.
He then moved to the KZN DOH in 2004 where he was the Principal Specialist and head of the provincial ARV Rollout. Responsibilities together with his team included the following: tailoring / writing the guidelines for the management of HIV/AIDS for KZN, travelling to each hospital within the province to create capacity in all spheres of HIV care (physical infrastructure, drug procurement and logistics, training, and support – both technical and clinical.Managing a cumulative budget of R875 million. Other aspects of his job were liaising with local, national, and international stakeholders. Following the successful implementation of this program and its integration into the existing health infrastructure Dr Jack returned to clinical medicine.
In addition, he has been a member of various advisory boards both in managed healthcare as well as the pharmaceutical industry and is recognized as one of the leading practitioners in my field.

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