About the African Viral Care Society

We aim to empower doctors, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and researchers in the field of HIV and other viruses, with the scientific knowledge to offer the best patient care in Africa. 

What We Do

  • Host the annual African AIDS Conference for international scientific discourse around HIV/AIDS and other viral infections.


  • Develop guidelines & protocols for people living with HIV and AIDS including:
    • Vaccination
    • South African Adult Covid treatment
    • South African Adult ARV Treatment
    • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
    • Paediatrics
    • Management of comorbidities.
  • Conduct workshops beyond clinical care including:
    • Independent Board of directors training
    • POPI Act
    • Section 21
    • Medical exchange programs
    • Pre-educational courses
    • Business development skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Young Investigators
    • Clinical management of viral infections
    • Access to credible resources.

Our Mission

To advance scientific knowledge of HIV and other viral diseases, and encourage  excellence in quality of patient care, better virus prevention and treatment plans, and research in HIV/AIDS and other viral infections in Africa.

Our Vision

We envision an Africa free from the burdens of HIV/AIDS and other viral infections. 

We have assembled a group of scientists and scholars devoted to improving knowledge, understanding, and improvement of care of viral infections.

Our Promise

Membership of the AVCS is free and incorporates practicing HIV clinicians who have been selected and recommended by the board of directors. 

This ensures the promotion of the best care for HIV/AIDS and other viruses. 

Our Doctors

Prof Nombulelo Magula

AVCS President

Dr Gail Ashford

AVCS Vice-President

Dr Zinhle Makatini

AVCS Vice-President

Dr Moeketsi Mathe​

AVCS Board Member

Dr Osman Ebrahim​

AVCS Board Member

Dr Marleen De Jager


Dr Ezio Baraldi​

AVCS Board Member

Dr Kay Dawood

AVCS Board Member

Our Partners

Women Against Viral Infections in Africa

The AVCS proudly supports Women Against Viral Infections in Africa, and is led by three superb female clinicians to combat the marginalization of women in many companies.
Including women in our leadership positions enables us to better identify the issues affecting women with virus-related comorbities, for example, women living with HIV and menopause. 

The African Viral Care Society Members and Duties

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