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African Viral Care - Covid Workshops - 26 & 27 November November

COVID-19 Diagnostics: Tests  and how to use them - 26 November 2021

COVID-19: J&J Vaccine, other vaccination concerns  - 27 November 2021

26 Nov: COVID-19 Diagnostics: All the tests you need to know and how to use them.

17h00 - 20h00 UTC+2

This session will cover all the COVID-19 diagnostic tests available in South Africa , how best to use them and how these tests are influenced by vaccination.


27 Nov: COVID-19 Vaccination: J&J Vaccine, Hesitancy, Children & Adolescents, how to manage adverse reactions.

15h00 - 18h00 UTC+2
In this session we talk about vaccines, vaccine hesitancy and COVID-19 vaccination in Children and Adolescents. We also discuss contra-indications and adverse reactions.

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